• True Colour

UK short film, Killers Inc.

To kick off 2021, we were hired by Director / Producer, Graham Peak, to colour his latest short film, Killers Inc. We had the pleasure of working alongside our production partners, 344 Audio, who have taken on the full audio post production.

Graham's latest short film, Killers Inc., toys with the concept of hiring a contract killer, but in a comedic setting. Set within a single location, shooting over 2 days, this simple but effective concept is a fun watch with hilarious characters. Our aim for colour was to enhance the already natural and filmic look that had been captured in camera. We focused greatly on keeping the soft bloom throughout, and controlling the changes in the natural lighting through the large windows.

We introduced a cyan tint into the daylight coming through the windows to give a two-tone feel between the internal warmth of the practicals / wallpaper, and the cool tones of the light through the large bay windows.

Keep an eye open on the festival circuit for this great piece!


True Colour | Colour Grading | Toronto

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