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Cup of Cheer cracks the Canadian Box Office - NEWS

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of colouring Cup of Cheer for Director, Jake Horowitz, and Director of Photography, Daniel Everitt-Lock.

This hilarious parody of the Christmas Hallmark franchise is a testament to ridiculous comedies such as Airplane and Naked Gun. With a mash up of ridiculous humour and quick witted delivery, this film did not disappoint anyone looking for a Christmas cheer up after a particularly difficult year.

Thanks in part to a dedicated production team, and the global pandemic, this film managed to top the Canadian box office for 2 weeks in the lead up to Christmas 2020. It also placed within the top 10 in the USA.

Our role in finalising the colour for the piece was to bring the vivd colour and playful tones of the cinematography to life. Shot using the Atlas Orion anamorphic lenses, the character of the film was already very well pronounced through the use of colourful bokeh and warmer tones throughout.

To enhance this look further we brought a higher level of contrast to the final look, both in luminance and colour, sharpened up areas where the lenses weren't quite as clear, and kept a consistent warmth throughout the piece that brings that homely feel to the viewer.

You can watch Cup of Cheer on Amazon Prime in Canada and the USA now. Also available on VOD in other parts of the world.


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